Kathleen Royster Lamb

Kathleen Royster Lamb
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
born Cedar Rapids, IA 1958
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Kathleen Royster Lamb enrolled in Portland State University in 1978, but withdrew after her third year because she wanted an adventure.” She relocated to Alaska, where she worked as a commercial fisherman during the summer and traveled all over the world in the winter, visiting New Zealand, Australia, India, and Nepal. Around her thirtieth birthday, Lamb decided to return to college, and this time entered the University of Utah, Salt Lake City, where she received a BFA and MFA in ceramics. She initially majored in graphic design, but soon found herself drawn to clay due to its tactile nature and the technical challenges the material presents. She began teaching ceramics at the college level after graduation, which she continues to do to this day. Lamb has exhibited her works internationally, and her pieces are found in several collections, including the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the Arizona State Art Museum. (“Do you know: Kathleen Royster, assistant professor of art,” This Week @Metro (June 152005)

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