Leslie J. Payne

Leslie J. Payne
Also Known as
"Old Airplane" Payne
"Airplane" Payne
Fairport, Virginia
Kilmarnock, Virginia
born Fairport, VA 1907-died Kilmarnock, VA 1981
Active in
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After living in New Jersey and Baltimore during his early adult life, Payne returned at forty to his native Virginia, where he made a living as a handyman while devoting much of his spare time to building large- and small-scale airplane models from found materials. They were displayed in an elaborate yard show that included model boats, hand-painted commemorative signs, and whirligigs. Payne was deeply interested in machinery of flight, but he also loved ornament.

Tom Patterson Contemporary Folk Art: Treasures from the Smithsonian American Art Museum (New York and Washington, D.C.: Watson-Guptill Publications, in cooperation with the Smithsonian American Art Museum, 2001)

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