Michael Jaross

born Portland, OR 1949
Portland, Oregon, United States
Active in
  • Seattle, Washington, United States
  • American

Michael Jaross began glassblowing in 1977 at Portland State University. He continued his education under Dale Chihuly at the renowned Pilchuck Glass School and later taught at the Pratt Fine Arts Center. In 1984 the American-Scandinavian Foundation awarded him a grant that allowed him to work in Sweden, where he apprenticed with master glassblowers. During the three years he spent there, Jaross honed his techniques through "watching and doing, watching and doing." Upon his return, he opened his first studio, Pacifica Glassworks, in Seattle, where he produced fine tableware and one-of-a-kind pieces. Jaross has since retired from glassmaking and now works as a beekeeper in Washington State. (Bonnie J. Miller, "Michael Jaross: Pacifica Glassworks," American Craft, February/March 1995)