Mike Shuler

born Trenton, NJ 1950
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Also known as
  • Michael Shuler
Trenton, New Jersey, United States
Active in
  • Santa Cruz, California, United States
  • American

Woodturner Mike Shuler has been an independent studio artist since 1973. His work has been exhibited at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; the Wood Turning Center, Philadelphia; the permanent collection of the American Craft Museum in New York City; and the High Museum in Atlanta. Shuler's work was featured in the Wall Street Journal in June,1991. His bowls have toured throughout Europe.

White House Collection of American Crafts exhibition (Washington D.C.: National Museum of American Art, 1995)

Luce Artist Biography

Michael Shuler began turning wood at the age of fourteen, using a makeshift lathe and a pocket knife to craft tiny sculptures from birch dowels. He discovered the technique of segmented turning and began to experiment with assembling different patterns and shapes from sections of wood. Shuler reconfigures a single board into a complex arrangement of pieces that, when carved on the lathe, reveals spinning layers of fragmented grain and varied colors.