Oqwa Pi

Oqwa Pi
Also Known as
Abel Sanchez
Red Cloud
Oqua Pi
San Ildefonso Pueblo, New Mexico
Los Alamos, New Mexico
born San Ildefonso Pueblo, NM 1899-died Los Alamos, NM 1971
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An active member of San Ildefonso’s political and social life, Oqwa Pi served as both lieutenant governor and governor of the pueblo. The figures in his paintings are highly stylized and the faces are made up of geometric design. The artist once explained:

As I found that painting was the best among my talents, I decided to do my best to win me fame as an Indian artist. … I have raised a big healthy family, for my painting brought in good income.

Andrew Connors Pueblo Indian Watercolors: Learning by Looking, A Study Guide (Washington, D.C.: National Museum of American Art, 1993).

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ca. 1925-1930
watercolor, ink, and pencil on paperboard