Philip Tilyard

born Baltimore, MD 1785-died Baltimore, MD 1830
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Philip Tilyard (Self-Portrait in a Fur Collar) c. 1820-1825. Oil on Cardboard on Cavas. Maryland Historical Society. 2000.15.1 No Reproduction without Permission.
Also known as
  • Philip Thomas Coke Tilyard
Baltimore, Maryland, United States
Baltimore, Maryland, United States
  • American

Philip Tilyard studied with his father, an English painter who had immigrated to America. After his father died, Tilyard worked with another artisan for a year and then with his brother as a sign and ornament painter. In 1814 the Baltimore City Directory listed his occupation as “portraitist.” For a short time, Tilyard went into the dry goods business, but was unsuccessful and returned to making signs to support himself. Tilyard eventually built back his reputation as a portrait painter for wealthy Baltimore citizens. But this success did not last long, and he died poor from what his obituary described as a “lingering illness.”