Phillip Fike

Phillip Fike
Also Known as
Philip Fike
Phillip George Fike
Phillip G. Fike
Baraboo, Wisconsin
Grosse Pointe, Michigan
born Baraboo, WI 1927-died Grosse Pointe, MI 1997
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Philip Fike studied under the GI Bill at the University of Wisconsin, where, as an undergraduate, he revived an ancient decorative metal technique called niello. His success prompted requests for him to teach workshops in the technique, and in 1970 he became a founding member of the Society of North American Goldsmiths (SNAG). He was introduced to blacksmithing by L. Brent Kington and began incorporating iron into his later work. Fike is also well known in the metal community for his revival of the fibula, a type of ancient clasp, which he spent decades studying.

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