Tina Fung Holder

Courtesy Tina Fung Holder.
Tina Fung Holder
Bartica, Guyana 1946
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Tina Fung Holder grew up in a rural village in Guyana. In 1969 she took a vacation from her job as an accountant to visit Chicago and help care for her newborn nephew. There, she began studying textiles at the Art Institute and was soon incorporating the techniques she learned into crafts. She fabricated baskets and jewelry out of everyday, manufactured materials. Her work, especially her safety pin jewelry, shows how we redefine “art” and “craft” today. Fung Holder tries to “create awareness of personal adornment that exceeds the restrictive boundaries of traditional Western materials and techniques.”

Works by This Artist

lacquered metal safety pins and glass beads on crocheted cotton thread

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ca. 1975
oil and crayon on carved and engraved wood and mounted on wood
acrylic, metal, mirrors, plastic, and styrofoam beads