William Sidney Mount

William Sidney Mount, about 1867. Unidentified photographer. Charles Scribner's Sons Art Reference Dept. records, courtesy Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution.
William Sidney Mount
Also Known as
William S. Mount
Setauket, New York
Setauket, New York
born Setauket, NY 1807-died Setauket, NY 1868
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William Sidney Mount apprenticed to his older brother as a sign painter in New York. He spent all of his free time sketching in the National Academy of Design and in 1829 established a studio in the city. Mount spent most of his life on Long Island, however, painting portraits of local people and scenes of country life. In 1860 he built a studio in a horse-drawn wagon so that he could travel among the farms undisturbed, painting images of people going about their day-to-day activities. When asked to give a brief history of his life, Mount replied: Why it would take me three months to shell it all out—to clean the cob all off, and who would feed me with pudding and milk all that while?” (Frankenstein, Painter of Rural America: William Sidney Mount, 18071868, 1968)

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