Eye Level

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Eye Level Live!

Tomorrow Eye Level moves its operations from our offices to the museum. We’ll be blogging live throughout the day, documenting the opening for posterity and, of course, for those of you who can’t be here in person. We’ll also be hosting the folks from DCist, who are joining us for the day.
Kriston on June 30, 2006

The View from the Red Carpet

There are just a few staffers who were here in January 2000 when SAAM closed for renovation. I was one of them. July 2006 seemed far away back then —very abstract.
Jeff on June 29, 2006

Architectural Cake Walk

Yesterday, when Smithsonian Secretary Larry Small pronounced Patty Collette’s winning entry a “spectacular creation,” he wasn’t referring to a contest in a medium commonly associated with the visual arts. This was a battle among cakes. Three prominent pastry chefs were invited to the Donald W. Reynolds Center for American Art and Portraiture to create cakes inspired by the design of the historic building, in celebration of our grand opening July 1st.
Cassandra on June 21, 2006