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Harlem Heroes: Photographs by Carl Van Vechten

Author Carl Van Vechten (1880–1964) began making portraits in 1932. Over the next three decades, he asked writers, musicians, athletes, politicians, and others to sit for him—many of them central figures in the Harlem Renaissance.

In Search of the Corn Queen: American Scene series, No.1

Greta Pratt returns to the county fairs of her childhood in the American Midwest, creating photographs that capture the spirit of rural life in the region. Karal Ann Marling’s introduction provides fascinating insights into Pratt’s images of county-fair rituals and the regional culture that inspires these gatherings.

Spanish Harlem ("American Scene" series, No. 3)

Joseph Rodriguez’s color photographs bring the reader inside Spanish Harlem, where he documents not only the grim realities of drug abuse, AIDS, and crime in New York’s oldest barrio, but also its vibrant street life. Ed Vega’s essay introduces the reader to his neighborhood in Spanish Harlem, tracing its past and present.