Teacher Institutes Application

Thank you for your interest in applying to the Summer Institutes: Teaching the Humanities through Art. We’re seeking to build a cohort of teachers whose experience varies widely, but who share a desire to meaningfully engage their students as thinkers and develop their teaching practice in collaboration with others. Whether applying alone or as a member of a team, each teacher must submit a complete, individual application. Applications are due April 3, 2023.

 You will not be able to save your application or return to it once it has been submitted, so you may want to draft your responses to the essay questions in a separate document for editing. Make sure all sections of the application are complete before submitting.

  1. Introduce yourself: What is one of your core values as a teacher? How do you demonstrate that value to your students? (150-300 words)
  2. Introduce your school context: What would you like us to know about your school community and its student body? (150-300 words)
  3. Reflect on an interdisciplinary lesson: (350-500 words)
    1. The Institutes encourage an interdisciplinary approach to teaching. In broad strokes, describe a lesson you planned and taught that incorporated content and/or skills from multiple disciplines.
    2. What do you think your students gained from the lesson? How do you know?
    3. Based on your students’ responses to the lesson, what is one thing you might do differently if you taught it again? Why?
  4. State your intentions: How do you hope your participation in this Institute will benefit you, your students, and your colleagues? (150-300 words)
Contact Information
(if applicable) Maximum of two teachers per team. Each team member must submit an individual application.
School Information
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Subject(s) you teach (select all that apply)
Grade level(s) you teach (select all that apply)
Institute Preferences
Tell us more about yourself
How did you learn about the Institutes (select all that apply)?
Which of the following factor(s) influenced your decision to apply to the Institutes (select all that apply)?
Would you like to be considered for a scholarship to support travel costs?
Do you plan to earn graduate credit for your participation in this Institute?
Do you anticipate receiving professional development credits through your school or district for your participation in this Institute?

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