List of School Tours at the Renwick Gallery

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Title: Craft as Voice

Grade: 2nd-12th

Description: Craft works are a mode of visual communication. Like written texts, they are constructed to convey a message with a specific mood and tone. The artist’s strategic choice of medium, which often carries rich connotations for the viewer, reinforces this message.

Content Alignment: English/Language Arts

Title: Craft as Context

Grade: 5th-12th

Description: While many artists have addressed recurring themes throughout time, any artwork reflects the historical period of its creation. By analyzing craft works as primary or secondary sources in relation to their time period, students on this tour may better understand a particular moment in history while also developing the habits of mind of a historian.

Content Alignment: Social Studies, History and Cultural Studies

Title: Craft as Solution

Grade: 6th-12th

Description: Craft is evidence of creative problem-solving, whether through process or in concept. This tour allows students to explore the Renwick’s permanent collection to better understand how artists develop new ideas; work within the constraints of their skill, media, and present technology; and “break the rules” in order to achieve a higher expressive goal.

Content Alignment: STEAM (identifying constraints, iteration, design thinking, innovation)