Fellows in Residence, 2003-2004

Alison Bechtel

Douglass Foundation Fellow, University of Pennsylvania

Infiltrating the Interior: The New York Art World & Collectors' Houses, 1860-1900

Michael C. Dooley

Patricia and Phillip Frost Fellow, University of Iowa

Citizen Bird: Progressive Era Ornithological Art and the Founding of the Bird Conservation Movement

Shannon Egan

Sara Roby Fellow, Johns Hopkins University

An American Art: Edward S. Curtis and the North American Indian, 1907-30

Oscar Fitzgerald

James Renwick Postdoctoral Fellow in American Crafts, Independent Scholar

In Their Own Words: The History of Studio Furniture Makers, 1925 to Present

Ken Gonzales-Day

Smithsonian Institution Latino Studies Senior Fellow, Scripps College

California Strange Fruit: The Lynching of Latinos in Early California

Michael Lobel

Postdoctoral Fellow, Bard College

James Rosenquist, F-111, and the Politics of Pop

Ellen Roberts

Predoctoral Fellow, Boston University

Japanese Art and the American Aesthetic Interior, 1876-1893

Donald Sloan

Patricia and Phillip Frost Fellow, University of Kansas

The John Reed Club and Visual Culture

Flora Vilches

Predoctoral Fellow, University of Maryland

Studying the Archaeological Process in the Work of Robert Smithson, Mark Dion, and Fred Wilson

Elizabeth Wiley

Predoctoral Fellow, George Washington University

The Reciprocating Gaze: Painters, Natives and the State of Maine in the First Half of the Twentieth Century

Jennifer Wingate

Postdoctoral Fellow, Independent Scholar

Doughboys, Art Worlds, and Identities: Sculpted Memorials of World War I in the United States

Fulbright Visiting Scholar in Residence

Zeinat Bitar

Fulbright fellow, Lebanon

Orientalism in American Art of the 19th Century: The Mirror of Culture Dialogue between East and West