Nam June Paik Archive Publication and Reproduction Requests

Researchers may not publish, or reproduce any visual or textual materials from the Nam June Paik Archive without the express written permission of the Smithsonian American Art Museum and all relevant rights holders. This includes: publishing quotations, excerpts, or images from any materials in the Nam June Paik Archive. Dissertations and research theses are considered publications.

How to Submit a Request

As a first step to initiate any permission request please contact the Collections Coordinator, Nam June Paik Archive, Smithsonian American Art Museum, P.O. Box 37012, MRC 970, Washington, DC 20013- 7012.

The Collections Coordinator for the Archive can also be reached by email at:

Please provide the following information:

  • Your name and full contact information, including address, email and telephone
  • Type of use (book, journal article, website, brochure, etc.)
  • Author and Title of publication in which the material will appear
  • Name and address of Publisher
  • Anticipated date of publication and size of print run
  • List of materials for which you are requesting publication permission. Please be specific and include box and folder numbers, when known.

If you are also requesting images or high resolution scans of our holdings for publication, please note your publisher’s scanning requirements, for example: 600 ppi b/w/ TIFF, 300 ppi jpeg, etc. and publication deadlines.

Please submit your request well in advance of publication deadlines.

Your response from the Archive will include any information concerning use fees for your proposed reuse of our material, as well as any information that we have available regarding copyright holders for the material you've cited. Any permission granted will be for one-time, non-exclusive use of the material. You will then be solely responsible for obtaining any necessary permissions from copyright holders to the extent required by the U.S. copyright law.

Please note that in exchange for permission to publish, the following apply:

  • If you obtain permission, publication use and image duplication fees apply.
  • Use is always non-exclusive.
  • We require one courtesy copy of any publication made possible through use of our holdings.
  • We require authors to properly cite our holdings.


Publication of material is subject to use fees. Costs will be estimated and must be agreed to in advance. Unless stipulated otherwise, publication permission is for one-time non-exclusive use, is contingent upon receipt of applicable fees, and requires appropriate citation for the material published. Fees for the use of images are determined by the print run and distribution of the intended publication.


When copyright is held outside the Smithsonian American Art Museum, our permission to publish does not extend to copyright. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ascertain copyright ownership, to obtain consent of any copyright owners to reproduce for publication and to comply with the pertinent copyright restrictions. The museum will provide information about copyright holders when known; however we often do not have this information on file nor do we have the staffing to conduct a copyright search for our researchers.

The applicant accepts all responsibility for obtaining the required permission from copyright holders in order to publish materials protected by copyright law. The Smithsonian accepts no liability relating to the misuse of any of its materials.