Meet the Artist: Joyce Scott

  • Jewelry artist Joyce Scott discusses her craft and her work titled Necklace

    JOYCE SCOTT: I’m an artist simply because it gives my best voice. I’m the right person for this job. I’m someone whose brain is going at 70 trillion miles an hour. I’m an idea girl. My inspiration for working in beads wasn’t working with my mom. She doesn’t do your traditional quilt work. She festoons her quilts with buttons and beads. The piece that’s in the permanent collection at the Smithsonian, it’s called “Necklace.” I’m using old Czechoslovakian beads, beads from Asia, beads from Europe. A lot of my work is about lyricism and about movement, about rhythm. I’m an artist because I’ve been blessed with a gift. I’m an ordinary person with an extraordinary talent. Yes, I said that too.
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