Nam June Paik: Art & Process

Join five of the most prominent Nam June Paik scholars and artists who worked with him for an in-depth look at Paik’s creative genius and artistic legacy.

  • John G. Hanhardt, senior curator, Smithsonian American Art Museum Nam June Paik: Performing the Moving Image 1959-1970
  • Edith Decker-Phillips, scholar and author of Paik Video From A-Music to TV Buddha
  • Gregory Zinman, moving image scholar and post-doctoral fellow Analog Circuit Palettes, Cathode Ray Canvases: Nam June Paik’s Intermedial Painting
  • Jud Yalkut, visual and film artist The Mutability of Media: Film and the Art of Nam June Paik
  • Stephen Vitiello, electronic musician and media artist Paik’s Music