Which Artist Shares Your Birthday?

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Tom Patti

Tom Patti lost the sight in one eye when he was eight years old, through an experiment that involved spinning a pointed metal weight round his head.

Lee Lawrie

Born in Germany, Lee Lawrie arrived in the United States when he was very young, and began working in sculptor Richard Henry Park’s Chicago studio when he was only fourteen.

Paul Strand

A writer and filmmaker as well as photographer, Paul Strand was born in New York. His family sent him at age fourteen to the progressive Ethical Culture School, where he took a course in photography from Louis Hine.

Rod Rosebrook

In 1910, Rosebrook's family moved to the John Day Valley in eastern Oregon where he attended high school, "Long enough to play football and then I quit to go a'buckarooin'." On cattle drives, Rosebrook learned enough blacksmithing to shoe horses and other metal, carpentry, and leather-working ski

Simon Sparrow

Simon Sparrow was born in West Africa to a Cherokee mother and an African father. He moved to North Carolina when he was two years old and lived on an Indian reservation.

Claire Dinsmore

Claire Dinsmore is a designer who has turned her hand to jewelry, interiors, and Web sites. In 1989, Dinsmore underwent an operation for a brain tumor, and lost fine motor skills on the right side of her body.