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Kim Rawdin

Kim Rawdin studied painting and art education in college and states that he “did not notice jewelry” before taking a job as an art teacher on a Navajo reservation in Arizona.

Delwyn Herbert

Del Herbert's wife, Judy, encouraged him to start carving after she saw a wooden decoy at a craft show and wanted one for their mantel. Fowl decoys have been around for two thousand years and are used by hunters to lure their prey into range.

James Watkins

James Watkins creates sculptures and vessels from both bronze and glass. He uses pâte de verre to cast his glass pieces and, using clay or wax to make his molds, translates evidence of his touch to the finished forms.

Jesús Moroles

As a college student in North Texas, Jesús Moroles tried to carve granite with a hammer and chisel. After only thirty minutes, he recalls, "The stone took me over. It was so hard it barely showed what I had done to it . . . It controlled me.

Malcah Zeldis

Malcah Zeldis felt that she just “wasn’t talented enough” to paint as a young girl (Julia Weissman, “Malcah Zeldis: A Jewish Folk Artist in the American Tradition,” The National Jewish Monthly, September 1975).

Ward Lockwood

Painter, printmaker. Ward Lockwood recieved his artistic training at the University of Kansas, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, and in Paris. Further studies with Andrew Dasburg at Woodstock, New York, preceded his move to New Mexico in 1926. There he painted with fellow Kansan Kenneth M.

Alma Thomas

Alma Thomas grew up in Columbus, Georgia, then moved to Washington, D.C., in 1907 with her family. In high school, she described the art classroom as a "beautiful place" that was just like "entering heaven" (Munro, Originals: American Women Artists, 1979).

Esphyr Slobodkina

During the period of social and political turmoil that followed the Russian Revolution, Esphyr Slobodkina fled with her family to Vladivostok, and then to Harbin, Manchuria. In 1928, she immigrated to New York and the following year entered the National Academy of Design.