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José Benito Ortega

José Benito Ortega was known for his simple religious figures created out of scraps of wood. Families and communities used his sculptures for worship in their homes or churches, and often carried them in processions. (Lynda Hartigan, Made with Passion, 1990)

Irene McDonald

Irene McDonald grew up on the Akwesasne Mohawk Reservation in Hogansburg, New York. She learned basketmaking when she was a child by watching her grandmother weave, but made no baskets of her own until she was in her late thirties.

Henry Leach

Henry "Harry" Leach grew up in New Milford in Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania. He carved wooden patterns for a Massachusetts manufacturer, L. W. Cushing and Sons, who used them to make molds for their copper weather vanes (Myrna Kaye, Yankee Weathervanes, 1975).

Allan Rohan Crite

"Art like worship and study should be functional, serve a definite purpose and out of that purpose can come beauty of expression and all other decorative characteristics." — Allan Crite, The Artist Craftsman's Work on the Church, Commentary on the 1950s, Vertical File, Library, Nati