The Modular Cleaning Program with added material on cleaning water-sensitive surfaces

September 20-23, 2016

Instructor: Chris Stavroudis, conservator in private practice, West Hollywood, CA
Assistant: Nina Roth-Wells, conservator in private practice, Georgetown, ME

The Modular Cleaning Program is a systematic approach to cleaning works of art utilizing water-borne systems, solvents, solvent gels and emulsions. This four-day workshop will focus on how the Modular Cleaning Program can help formulate a series of concentrated aqueous stock solutions and the materials to mix a range of emulsions and microemulsions. While solvent theory and solvent gels will be discussed, solvent gels will not be prepared in the workshop. The provided database, "The Modular Cleaning Program," assists the conservator in formulating and combining stock solutions which allows the conservator to create optimized cleaning solutions for more precise and tailored treatments. The workshop consists of approximately 2 days of lecture interspersed into the hands-on workshop.