Bryan Hunt

Bryan Hunt
Terre Haute, Indiana
born Terre Haute, IN 1947
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Bryan Hunt was born in Terre Haute, Indiana, in 1947 and was raised in Tampa, Florida. In 1969 he began studies at Otis Art Institute in Los Angeles, receiving his BFA in 1971. Hunt moved to New York City the following year to participate in the independent study program at the Whitney Museum of American Art. His first solo exhibition took place in New York at the Institute for Art and Urban Resources at the Clocktower in 1974. Three years later he decided to make his permanent home in the city. Hunt’s early work was influenced by his interest in architecture and aeronautics, which developed when he held various jobs at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The primary sources of inspiration for his later abstract work in bronze and steel are the figure, as it is related to forms in nature, and a reinterpretation of classical sculpture, notably ancient Greek architectural elements. Hunt lives in New York City.

National Museum of American Art (CD-ROM) (New York and Washington D.C.: MacMillan Digital in cooperation with the National Museum of American Art, 1996)

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