Forman Hanna

Forman Hanna
Also Known as
Forman Gordon Hanna
Anson, Texas
Los Angeles, California
born Anson, TX 1882-died Los Angeles, CA 1950
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Raised in a small Texas town, Hanna had his first encounters with photography and most of his art training through camera-club magazines. Emulating the Pictorialist style, he used his western surroundings as subject matter.

While working as a pharmacist in Globe, Arizona, Hanna made frequent trips to nearby canyons and Pueblo villages to photograph what the believed was a lost way of life. Recognized for his Arizona landscapes, he often exhibited in the juried shows of camera clubs. In the years just following World War I, these organizations provided an important forum for many of the nation’s artistic photgraphers like Hanna. Although they lived in dfferent parts of the country, these photographers attained a collective identity.

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