George Elbert Burr

George Elbert Burr
Also Known as
George Burr
Monroe Falls, Ohio
Phoenix, Arizona
born Monroe Falls, OH 1859-died Phoenix, AZ 1939
Active in
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George Elbert Burr worked as an illustrator for several New York magazines: Harper’s, Cosmopolitan, and Frank Leslie’s Weekly Newspaper. His work for Leslie’s allowed him to travel coast to coast in America, indulging his passion for landscapes. Burr set out on a European journey in 1896, and traveled for almost five years. Bay at Nevin, Wales [SAAM, 1983.83.188] was painted during this time. After his travels, Burr moved to Colorado and later Arizona, and made prints depicting the monumental deserts and mountains of the American Southwest.

Tiffany Farrell Experience the Best of Wales!,” 1001 Days and Nights of American Art Web site, entry for August 3, 2002 (Washington, D.C.: Smithsonian American Art Museum, 2002).

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