Jean Shin

born Seoul, South Korea 1971
Seoul, South Korea
Active in
  • New York, New York, United States
  • American



An installation of scratch & win lottery tickets stacked on top of one another forming structures.
Jean Shin: Common Threads
April 30, 2009July 25, 2009
Shin's most recent project, Everyday Monuments, debuts in the exhibition. The sprawling installation consists of nearly 2000 trophies donated by Washington, D.C.-area residents and projected images of the altered trophies. Inspired by the well-known historic monuments and heroic statuary displayed throughout Washington’s public spaces, Everyday Monuments venerates the accomplishments of ordinary Americans—stay-at-home moms, waitresses, janitors, postal carriers—whose everyday labors go unrecognized. Shin transformed each figurine to represent these tasks. The trophies are arranged according to a scale plan of the National Mall, symbolically filling the expanse of Washington's signature public space.