Jimmy Lee Sudduth

Jimmy Lee Sudduth
Also Known as
Jimmy Lee Suddouth
Jim L. Suddth
Jimmy Lee Suddth
Jimmie Lee Sudduth
Caines Ridge, Alabama 1910
Fayette, Alabama 2007
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Artist Biography

Jimmy Lee Sudduth's fertile imagination has led him to paint self-portraits, dogs, television personalities, and the architecture and landscape near his home in Fayette, Alabama, as well as views of New York and other cities. In Big City Skyline, rows of people filing across a bridge toward a crowded mass of towering skyscrapers emphasize the anonymity of life in America's large cities. Sudduth's materials—mud mixed with sugar water and color extracted from weeds and vegetables—are no less inventive than his themes. He rarely uses canvases or brushes, preferring to use his fingers to paint with clay, mud, sand, and soot on plywood.

Lynda Hartigan Contemporary Folk Art: Treasures from the Smithsonian American Art Museum (exhibition text, Smithsonian American Art Museum, 1999)

Works by This Artist

ca. 1988
paint, mud, and sand on plywood
mixed media: mud, paint, and vegetable matter on board
ca. 1989
sand, mud, and paint on board
ca. 1995
clay and syrup on plywood
ca. 1980
sand and housepaint on fiberboard
ca. 1980
sand and housepaint on fiberboard
ca. 1970s
mud, sugar, pencil, and paint on wood