Louis Monza

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Louis Monza
Turate, Italy 1897
Redondo Beach, California 1984
Active in
  • New York, New York
U.S. States
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Louis Monza apprenticed to a wood-carver in Italy when he was seven and traveled around the country, creating furniture for churches and homes. In 1913 he visited Geneva, where he heard rumors about the coming world war. He was a fervent pacifist and immigrated to America to escape service, but the United States Army drafted him and stationed him in Panama for two years. After the war, he settled in New York and worked as a housepainter until an accident in 1938 forced him to retire. He started to paint full-time and created many images inspired by the World Wars that emphasized his pacifist beliefs. (Susan C. Larsen, “Louis Monza: Passionate Protest and Hard Love,” Folk Art, Winter 1996/97)

Works by This Artist

oil on canvas
colored pencil and ink on paper