Sophia Lambros Bauerle

Sophia Lambros Bauerle
Also Known as
Sophia Bauerle
Sophia Lambros
Sofia Bauerle
Chicago, Illinois
Atlanta, Georgia
born Chicago, IL 1915-died Atlanta, GA 2007
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Sophia (pronounced Sof-eye-ya”) Lambros Bauerle began dancing at the age of two and, as an adult, danced professionally for sixteen years until a prolonged illness forced her to retire. She then turned to drawing or dancing in my mind,” as she called it, as a creative outlet. Bauerle briefly studied at the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts in 1934, and at the Atlanta College of Art in Georgia, intermittently between 1939 and1959. Bauerle taught basketry from her home in Atlanta into her seventies and continued to make baskets and collages in her studio until her death. (Susan Soper, Women IN The City,” Atlanta INtown, March 2007)

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