Sue Fuller

born Pittsburgh, PA 1914-died Southampton, NY 2006
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Photograph by Eileen Darby. Copyright Eileen Darby Images, Inc.
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
Active in
  • New York, New York, United States
  • American

Sue Fuller’s mother was skilled in crocheting and knitting, and their home was always filled with baskets of thread and yarn. Fuller’s work explores these domestic crafts through the fine art media of printmaking and sculpture. At the Carnegie Institute of Technology she created prints by pressing lace, fabric, and netting into the soft wax that coats the etching plate. Frustrated with the limitations of manufactured textiles, she experimented with stretching and ripping pieces of lace to create more unusual designs. The etching then became an unnecessary step in Fuller’s work and she began to focus purely on creating sculpture from woven and wound patterns of threads.