Terry Evans

Terry Evans
Also Known as
Terry Hoyt Evans
Kansas City, Missouri
born Kansas City, MO 1944
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Born in Kansas City, Missouri, 1944. Currently resides in Salina, Kansas. Evans serves on the board of directors of The Land Institute in Salina. Recent publications include Prairie: Images of Ground and Sky (University Press of Kansas, 1986).

Merry A. Foresta, Stephen Jay Gould, and Karal Ann Marling Between Home and Heaven: Contemporary American Landscape Photography (Washington, D.C. and Albuquerque, New Mexico: The National Museum of American Art in association with the University of New Mexico Press, 1992)

Plains photographer Terry Evans takes both ground-level and aerial shots of her native Kansas landscape. A conservationist, Evans asks, How did our good intentions and values based on productivity lead us to exhaust the land we thought we loved?” She has served on the board of The Land Institute, a Salina, Kansas-based group that researches farming practices that maintain productivity while preserving the prairie ecosystem.

Tiffany Farrell A Wing and a Prairie,” 1001 Days and Nights of American Art Web site, entry for October 1, 2002 (Washington, D.C.: Smithsonian American Art Museum, 2002).

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