Toots Zynsky

Courtesy Toots Zynsky.
Toots Zynsky
Also Known as
Mary Ann "Toots" Zynsky
Boston, Massachusetts 1951
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Toots Zynsky created the unique filet-de-verre technique, a process of pulling very fine threads from glass canes that she uses to form bold and organic vessels. While Zynsky was living in Amsterdam, the Dutch inventor Mathijs Teunission Van Manen visited her studio to see this technique. Surprised at how time-consuming the work was, he mechanized the process with a specially engineered machine inspired by fiber-optic technology. Zynsky designed the torch for the 2002 Paralympic Games, fashioning delicate layers of fibers into a prosthetic limb that symbolized the athletes' strength and achievement.

Works by This Artist

glass threads
ca. 1992
fused glass