Cal y Canto

Media - 1991.109 - SAAM-1991.109_1 - 72553
Copied Olga De Amaral, Cal y Canto, ca. 1979, linen and gesso, 56325 in. (142.381.312.8 cm.), Smithsonian American Art Museum, Gift from the collection of Dr. and Mrs. Isidore M. Samuels, 1991.109

Artwork Details

Cal y Canto
ca. 1979
Not on view
56325 in. (142.381.312.8 cm.)
Credit Line
Gift from the collection of Dr. and Mrs. Isidore M. Samuels
Mediums Description
linen and gesso
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Artwork Description

Montaña #13 evokes the mountainous terrain of Colombia,where textile artist Olga de Amaral grew up and lives today. To achieve theradiant effect, she layered gold leaf and gesso onto woven linen. Amaral beganto incorporate gold into her weavings in the 1980s after she learned about kintsugi,the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with gold lacquer. The appliedgold glorifies imperfection. Amaral observed that “gold has such a way ofreflecting light, it’s magical, mysterious even, though I don’t like to usethose words to describe it.” To the artist’s point, the alchemy of gold andfiber in Montaña #13 summons a feeling of living in the moment, evenamid disruption, that cannot be captured with language.


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