Double Phantom/EntroP.R.

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Copied Miguel Luciano, Double Phantom/EntroP.R., 2017, 1952 Schwinn Phantom bicycles, flags, overall: 120 × 40 × 32 in. (304.8 × 101.6 × 81.3 cm), Smithsonian American Art Museum, Museum purchase made possible by Marianna and Juan A. Sabater, 2020.25.1, © 2017, Miguel Luciano. photo: Jason Wyche

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Double Phantom/EntroP.R.
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overall: 120 × 40 × 32 in. (304.8 × 101.6 × 81.3 cm)
© 2017, Miguel Luciano. photo: Jason Wyche
Credit Line
Museum purchase made possible by Marianna and Juan A. Sabater
Mediums Description
1952 Schwinn Phantom bicycles, flags
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Artwork Description

Two cherry-red Schwinn bicycles, decked out with horns and American and Puerto Rican flags, are joined to form one three-wheeled, double-headed creature.

The word pa'lante, Spanish slang meaning "forward," glows above. The term became famous as the name of a civil rights newspaper in Puerto Rico in the 1960s. In following years, it has evoked Puerto Rican independence and statehood and become a mindset of strength and resilience in the face of hurricanes and other hardships.

Paired with a bicycle that can go in two directions at once--and so goes nowhere--the word also takes on an ironic meaning. Luciano's sculpture brims with Puerto Rican pride while acknowledging the difficulties that hinder the island's forward motion.

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