Miami Art Machine

This year I had planned to attend Art Basel Miami Beach (ABMB)—the 4-day Miami gala comprising five contemporary art fairs [Art Basel, Pulse, Aqua Art, New Art Dealers Alliance (NADA), and Design05]—but the weekend disagreed with my schedule. Stuck out in the cold.

For those of you who were also following along from home, I hope you were reading Franklin Einspruch’s Artblog, Miami Art Exchange, and The Next Few Hours, all of which are Miami-embedded blogs. Edward Underscore gave us the harried gallerist’s play by play. Tyler Green has already posted his favorites (also here) and is rebounding to the next big event on the contemporary calendar: the Whitney Biennial. I’m curious to see everyone’s reactions now that they’ve unpacked and settled in. Favorites? Must-not-sees?

For those readers who think that a humongous art fair is an awful thing to do to art, check in with Todd Gibson for the minority report. I bet he’s right that the unfiltered, exposed, concentrated business world that is ABMB is too much for many art lovers to stomach. But, then, Gibson thinks that a visit to a warm beach in December is a bad reason to go to Miami, so take his opinion with a grain of sand.