Eye Level Wins MUSE Award

Kriston on April 28, 2006


Eye Level has won a MUSE Award from the American Association of Museums—we took home a silver in “Two-Way Communication Projects.” COSI Columbus took the gold in this category for its videoconference In Depth: Autopsy, SFMOMA and Antenna Audio received the bronze for their monthly museum Artcasts, and honorable mention went to the Arizona Memorial Museum Association for its videoconference Witness to History, connecting students with Pearl Harbor survivors.  The American Association of Museums developed the MUSE award, now in its seventeenth year, to recognize talent and innovation in museum media projects.

It’s nice to be recognized, and yet, at the same time, you never feel that you’ve quite completed something for proper consideration when you’re working on an ongoing project like this one. I was pleased enough to see 200 independent links to Eye Level via Technorati; on top of that, the MUSE award is gravy. We appreciate it and hope we continue to live up to it.