Beyond the Studio Workshops

Leading a workshop in the Luce Center

Melanie Karlins of Grey Moggie Press describes the process of letterpress printing to Luce Center visitors in 2015.

Anne Wilsey
Program Specialist for the Luce Foundation Center
October 6, 2017

Anne Wilsey is program assistant at SAAM’s Luce Foundation Center.

The Luce Foundation Center celebrates the art that we find in everyday life with Beyond the Studio workshops. This new series will connect visitors with local professionals working in the arts and provide insight into the creative processes of local applied artists. Graphic designers, illustrators, art therapists, makers, and many other kinds of creative thinkers will have the opportunity to share their methods and their unique points of view with SAAM’s visitors. Each program will be in two parts, beginning with a speaker-led introduction, followed by a hands-on activity. All levels of artistic talent welcome!

Art therapists use the artwork created by their clients to help them understand more about themselves and their interactions with the world. The Potomac Art Therapy Association (PATA) is an organization which promotes the use of art therapy by hosting events for the public and by building a professional network of art therapists. On October 8, Marcie Katcher, Jordan S. Potash, and Nicholas Denson of PATA will lead visitors in a workshop that explores the use of metaphor in art therapy. Participants will be asked to create a drawing based on a challenge that they have encountered and discuss the metaphors and real world strategies that the drawing suggests.

An art director creates the look and feel of a project by carefully choosing elements that communicate the story that they want to tell. On November 5, Zak Bickel, will speak about his experiences as an associate art director at the news, culture, and politics magazine The Atlantic. Zak’s work can be seen throughout the print and digital editions of the magazine; in the design and art direction of the Culture File section, in feature stories, in e-Book covers, and in illustrations for The Atlantic website. Learn about art direction before trying your hand at the process by selecting an illustration style to match the tone of a magazine article.

Beyond the Studio will take place on October 8 and November 5 from 1:00 – 3:00 pm in the Luce Foundation Center. Registration (and a small materials fee for the October 8 program) is required.

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