SAAM Stories

A woven robe with fringe and patterns of brown, blue and white with a yellow border.
An in-depth look at the ceremonial robe Between Worlds (Child's Robe) by Lily Hope (Tlingit)
Side by side artworks displaying symbols in a musical arrangement.
Award winning composer Raven Chacon combines Diné (Navajo) worldviews with Western classical and avant-garde music traditions
A group of students taking a selfie in front of a projected screen.
Students at DC public schools create stories based on artworks in SAAM's collection
Illustration of a woman surrounded by flowers.
Celebrating the renowned textile artist with a comic about her life and work
Bicycle sculpture with a neon artwork above it that reads "Pa-lan-te."
Exploring history, politics, and culture with Puerto Rican artist Miguel Luciano
View of SAAM gallery.
Go inside the galleries of Composing Color: Paintings by Alma Thomas
A photograph of a woman.
Katie Hondorf
Public Affairs Specialist
View of SAAM gallery.
Your favorite pieces from SAAM’s collection are now on display alongside new works in the redesigned modern and contemporary galleries
A photograph of a woman in front of artwork
SAAM's renovated and reimagined modern and contemporary galleries transform the museum’s third floor into spaces for wonder and reflection
 Stephanie Stebich, SAAM's Margaret and Terry Stent Direction in the museum's Lincoln Gallery. Photo by Gene Young. 
Stephanie Stebich
The Margaret and Terry Stent Director, Smithsonian American Art Museum and Renwick Gallery
A photograph of a person standing in front of an artwork. She is wearing earbuds and holding her phone up to the work.
SAAM teamed up with the digital firm Smartify to create a series of audio tours that deepen the visitor experience, both in our galleries and online.
Photograph of two conservators working on a canvas.
The development of a new laser technology allowed for the successful conservation treatment and return of this important color field painting to public view
Anna Nielsen
An illustration of a group of 10 women artists.
SAAM's comic series launches ten more stories of remarkable women artists
Emma Hitchcock
Detail of a portrait of Sandra Cisneros
Uncovering the passion and power behind Angel Rodríguez-Díaz’s portraiture
A man stands drawing on a white board.
The second part of an interview with Tom di Maria, director emeritus of the Creative Growth Art Center
Three people sit at a table. Racks of clothes hang behind them.
An interview with Tom di Maria, director emeritus of Oakland's Creative Growth Art Center
A man wearing a hat, sunglasses, and a scarf taking a selfie in the desert. A pyre is in the distance.
A personal journal by museum educator Geoffrey Cohrs
A picture of a man with a green shirt and tie on standing inside a room.
Geoffrey Cohrs
Docent Coordinator
A woman with brown skin and short hair stands holding an African-inspired mask close to her face, covering one eye. In the background are bright, geometric shapes in red, blue, and yellow.
Celebrating the renowned artist with a comic about her life and work
Two off-white, beaded bonnets on display in a glass case. In the background is a large painting.
Many Wests brings a reimagining of this iconic region to SAAM
Headshot of woman with black hair
Rebekah Mejorado
Public Relations Specialist
An illustrated portrait of a woman standing in front of a painting. She has medium brown hair, is wearing a brown jacket, and holding paintbrushes.
Celebrating the renowned artist with a comic about her life and work.