SAAM Stories

open egg shaped basket with flash drive inside
Discover how artist Kelly Church is ensuring that centuries of Indigenous traditions are preserved for future generations with her beautifully woven basketry.
The four musicians of the band Rosie Cima and What She Dreamed stand with their arms around eachother in a room full of framed pictures.
Rosie Cima of Rosie Cima and What She Dreamed discusses her welcome to DC’s music community and her approach to keeping it real in front of an audience.
Sculpture that shows gold skeleton hands reaching around a gold skull that is wearing rose-colored glasses.
Choose how to celebrate the season with two different ways to explore SAAM's collection
Illustration of a woman standing in a garden, holding a paintbrush.
Celebrating Maria Oakey Dewing with a comic about her life and work
A detail of a sculpture of fiberglass fists painted gold
Evoking Tommie Smith's legacy through a work of monumental sculpture
A woman in a blue mask standing in front of plants.
Stephanie Stebich, the Margaret and Terry Stent Director, talks about how a variety of voices are represented in SAAM’s collections, galleries, and programming to reflect the complexity of American stories.
collection of neon lights with stuffed animals and computer parts bundled together
New Glass Now showcases artists challenging the status quo, offering new perspectives, and experimenting with what the medium of glass can do!
Detail from a painting. Orange and blue organic shapes on a dark blue background.
On the surprising friendship between artists Yayoi Kusama and Joseph Cornell
An illustration of a woman standing in front of a wall of colorful, abstract art.
Celebrating the renowned artist with a comic about her life and work.
Detail of painting of woman with dark hair holding a blue object
An interview with the curator of Sargent, Whistler, and Venetian Glass: American Artists and the Magic of Murano
An illustration of a young woman with dark hair weaving holding a shuttle in her hand and is sitting a loom, weaving.
Celebrating Kay Sekimachi’s 95th birthday with a comic about her life and work
A detail of a painting outside of a house. Through the window, a woman is putting a blanket on a bed..
Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with a look into the diversity and depth of SAAM’s Latinx collection
Eemcee Night Train 357 poses with his WAMMIE trophy in front of a gold curtain.
Night Train 357 describes the importance of organization in a creative life and teases his new independent martial arts film.
A detail of a comic book cover showing a young African American girl with a paintbrush in her hand
Celebrating what would have been artist Alma Thomas’s 130th birthday with a comic about her life and work
A black and white photograph of three women looking in the near distance with shocked looks on their faces
Artworks in SAAM’s collection and the stories they tell us about 9/11
An African American girl wearing a rose-colored hijab stands, smiling, in front of a stone and brick rowhome.
SAAM educator Elizabeth Dale-Deines talks with Karim R. Amin about the outcomes of creating a youth-focused photography program
Elizabeth Dale-Deines
An African American girl wearing a black hijab looks directly at the camera, smiling. In front of her is a fence painted to resenble piano keys. Her fingers rest atop the fence.
One SAAM educator explores creating a meaningful partnership with a community-based organization to achieve something neither could have done alone.
Elizabeth Dale-Deines
Two visitors wearing cloth masks stand in front of the "Electronic Superhighway" installation. One is pointing at the artwork.
Reflecting on Paik's innovative installation with a new installment of the video series American Art Moments