SAAM Stories

Two panels of an illustrated comic. On the left, the artist is sculpting marble while people look on in the foreground. On the left, she stands in front of the finished artwork "The Death of Cleopatra."
Celebrating the renowned artist with a comic about her life and work
Two glass goblets side by side. The left has serpents on the stem, the right is a floral design.
Take a closer look at four fabulous glasses to inspire a virtual celebratory toast to 2022
A holographic figure in a dark room behind a velvet rope and drapes.
Ten artworks we are excited to add to SAAM’s collection
Image of two people looking at Mastodon bones
Discover how one local teacher is inspired by the world of Alexander von Humboldt
Visitor image from New Glass Now
Stop scrolling and discover the sparkling, flashing sights of New Glass Now
A large-scale throne made of found objects.
Our video series American Art Moments takes a closer look at a powerful yet enigmatic installation in SAAM’s collection by a self-taught artist
Musician Drew Dave sits on a porch wearing a black hat and black t shirt.
Producer Drew Dave discusses his approach to making beats and how working with one of his heroes changed his self-image.
A Byzantine necklace
Uncovering the secrets of one of SAAM’s treasures
Portrait of a woman with blood dripping form her head.
Learn about the legacy of groundbreaking artist Ana Mendieta and how she examined urgent political, personal, and artistic questions through her artwork
Dark starry night sky
Not to be shady, but sometimes the cure for Black Friday stress is art
Landscape of mountains with Native motifs overlayed.
A look at three paintings that represent three different decades of the artist’s vibrant career
Diorama showing a miniaturized corner of a room with small paintings and glass
How John Gellatly’s eclectic collection of fine and decorative arts took over his New York home and six rooms in the Heckscher Building
open egg shaped basket with flash drive inside
Discover how artist Kelly Church is ensuring that centuries of Indigenous traditions are preserved for future generations with her beautifully woven basketry.
The four musicians of the band Rosie Cima and What She Dreamed stand with their arms around eachother in a room full of framed pictures.
Rosie Cima of Rosie Cima and What She Dreamed discusses her welcome to DC’s music community and her approach to keeping it real in front of an audience.
Sculpture that shows gold skeleton hands reaching around a gold skull that is wearing rose-colored glasses.
Choose how to celebrate the season with two different ways to explore SAAM's collection