This is the cover of the "Tamayo: The New York Years" book displaying Rufino Tamayo's Carnival painting.

Tamayo: The New York Years

Carmen Ramos

Tamayo: The New York Years explores the influences between Rufino Tamayo (1899–1991), a major Mexican modernist best known for his boldly colored, semiabstract paintings, and the American art world. It reveals how he forged a new path in the modern art of the Americas and contributed to New York’s dynamic cultural scene as the city was becoming a center of postwar art. 

This is the first volume to focus on Tamayo's work during his time in New York City, where he lived from the late 1920s to 1949, a time of unparalleled transatlantic cross-cultural exchange. Tamayo: The New York Years offers a unique opportunity to trace his artistic development through sixty works—from early woodcuts and bold canvasses, through paintings depicting the modern city, to his final dreamlike, celestial-themed compositions.


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  • Hardcover: 978-1-911282-15-0


This is a Tamayo painting of a New York City skyline and a person looking at it through a telescope.
Tamayo: The New York Years
November 2, 2017March 17, 2018
Tamayo: The New York Years is the first exhibition to explore the influences between this major Mexican modernist and the American art world.