Between Worlds: The Art of Bill Traylor” Audio

    Stop 1 - Introduction by Curator Leslie Umberger

    Stop 2 – Leslie Umberger on "Blacksmith Shop"

    Stop 3 – Bill Ferris on "Exciting Event with Snake, Plow, Figures Chasing Rabbit"

    Stop 4 - Frank L. Harrison Jr. on "Untitled (Mule)"

    Stop 5 - Randall Morris on "Black Jesus"

    Stop 6 - Randall Morris on "Untitled (Basket, Man, and Owl)"

    Stop 7 - Jason Moran on "Leg Forms with Bird"

    Stop 8 - Diana Baird N’Diaye on "Untitled (Ross the Undertaker)"

    Stop 9 – Bill Ferris on "Brown Lamp with Figures"

    Stop 10 - Greg Tate on "Untitled (Man, Woman, and Dog)"

    Stop 11 - Greg Tate on "Red Man"

    Stop 12 – Leslie Umberger on "Self-Portrait"

    Stop 13 – Radcliffe Bailey on "Untitled (Smoking Man with Figure Construction)"

    Stop 14 – Diana Baird N’Diaye on "Woman, Blue Gloves, Brown Skirt"

    Stop 15 - Jason Moran on "Untitled (Seated Woman)"

    Stop 16 – Radcliffe Bailey on "Untitled (Radio)"