Handi-hour Crafting: Origami Planter

  • Public Programs Coordinator Gloria Kenyon demonstrates origami making for the September 2019 Handi-hour program at the Renwick Gallery of the Smithsonian American Art Museum. Origami design courtesy of Paper Kawaii.

    GLORIA KENYON: I’m Gloria Kenyon, and today’s Handi-hour craft is origami. I will be showing you how to make a planter for a cactus, or any other type of origami plant that you might want to make.

    Most origami all starts the same, so I’m going to skip over those basic steps and show you the key folds to make a small box planter. You’ll fold inward, so you have a box, open it back up, and then fold your corners up to the line you just created and gently crease. Next, you will take that corner, and fold it up to the crease that you just made, and gently crease in the center of the paper. You just do that all the way around.

    This box is going to eventually be the bottom of your planter, so we want to be really careful to preserve that. Fold in half, and don’t crease in the box, crease away from the box. Turn it around, and do the same thing, so those creases are going opposite of all your other creases.

    Now, we’re going to use one of those original boxes that you created when you folded all your corners to the center as a guideline. Take the opposite corner and fold up to the center, and gently crease at each corner line. So you’re going to do that all the way around. You should have eight creases all the way around, in line with this original large box that you made.

    Where we created those creases, you’re going to crease a line from the point at the box, through that, to the edge of the paper. So, from the corner of the inner box, gently to the outer edge of the box, through the crease we made, on both sides. We’ll do that eight times, creating four corners throughout our box. Got a lot of lines, a lot of creases, but if you’ve done everything correctly, it should all come together neatly and easily.

    We’re going to fold our corners back in to make a little square, and then fold our corners out, just to one of those original creases that we made, back that the beginning. They should be in line with the small box that we made in the center. Pull out the bottom and the top, leaving your sides in. So using those creases we just made when we went all the way around the box, radiating out from the center square, we’re going to gently push these in, and our sides should all line up neatly, and then be able to fold these points under. Fold it in, tuck it under, then there’s a line here, and you’re going to want to fold the whole piece down there. And then we’ll just repeat on the next side, making sure all our points are nicely tucked in, and there is your planter for your plant or your cactus.
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