Thinking Through Craft: Teaching and Learning at the Renwick Gallery

  • NARRATOR: Hey, teachers. We get it, you like exploring museums. But what happens when a piece of artwork stops you right in your tracks? It draws you in. It makes you think. It gets those gears in your head to turn, and questions form. What is that? How was it made? What does it mean? How could this connect to life today? As an educator, you know a good hook when you see one. But, how can artwork push your students’ thinking even further?

    With the Renwick’s resources, your students can learn to draw on their prior knowledge, uncover layers of meaning, try on a new perspective, and share their thinking about issues at play in the world today, like identity, urbanization, conflict, and environmentalism. Lucky for you, we have resources that can help. Click around, and you’ll find tools like teaching guides, gallery tours, and hands-on activities that lead to rich learning. Objects at the Renwick inspire critical thinking, and the resources available on our website can help your students better understand their world. So, let’s use them!

    Click here to learn more, and let the fun begin.

    Free Renwick Gallery classroom resources and tours invite students to uncover hidden stories, consider historical context, take multiple perspectives, and communicate successfully.