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("Uncle Jack") Dey

Born: Phoebus, Virginia 1912– Died: Richmond, Virginia 1978

Acupuncture Pitchfork Style

about 1974, model airplane enamel on wood




Christine McHorse

Born: Morenci, Arizona 1948

Wolves Courting at Full Moon

1980, enamel on plywood with painted frame






Eletrical Tattooing

about 1920s-1930s, painted wood with iron and brass trim and electrical fittings, tattooing needles and ink, paper card, labels, metal box, and glass bottles



Red Weldon Sandlin

Born: Owensboro, Kentucky 1958

Mystic Caravan of Dragon’s Well

2000, glazed clay, wood, and acrylic paint



Herbert Singleton

Born: New Orleans, Louisiana 1945– Died: New Orleans, Louisiana 2007

Glad You Dead You Rascal You

about 1990, painted cypress



Tom Yazzie

Born: Fort Defiance, Arizona 1930

Yeibichai Dancers with Medicine Man and Patient

about 1991-1992, carved and painted cottonwood, sand



Simon Sparrow

Born: West Africa 1925–Died: Madison, Wisconsin 2000

Assemblage with Found Objects

after 1960, carved and painted wood with collaged pieces of costume jewelry, keychains



Mr. Imagination

(Gregory Warmack)

Born: Chicago, Illinois 1948– Died: Atlanta, Georgia 2012

Portrait Head Paintbrush Tree

1991, mixed media: bottlecaps, paintbrushes, and paint on wood





Born: El Rito, New Mexico 1964

Protect And Serve

1994, painted wood, metal, hair, plastic




James Leonard

Born: Orange, New Jersey 1949

Wind Machine With Gabriel, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Louis Armstrong

1984, cut, soldered and patinated copper on wood base, cut and soldered copper wire and sheet with localized liver of sulphur (potassium sulfide) patination



O. L. "Geech" Samuels

Born: Wilcox County, Georgia 1931


1995, carved and painted wood, glass, and glitter