Painting Stops | Luce Center Audio Tour

Professionally-narrated audio tour stops about paintings, in the Luce Foundation Center of the Smithsonian American Art Museum.

    Stop 100: Death of Rubén Salazar

    Stop 101: James Buchanan

    Stop 103: People in the Sun

    Stop 104: Mary Hopkinson

    Stop 105: The Breakdown

    Stop 108: Christ Walking on Water

    Stop 109: Rack Picture for William Malcolm Bunn

    Stop 113: Portrait of Frank Hamilton Cushing

    Stop 118: Catskill Creek

    Stop 119: A Bride

    Stop 123: Portrait of Rubens’ Wife

    Stop 127: Portrait of Lexington

    Stop 129: Portrait of a Lady (Mrs. William B. Cabot)

    Stop 130: Picuris Mountain (Near Taos)

    Stop 131: Untitled

    Stop 134: The Sick Child

    Stop 135: Passing Song

    Stop 138: Jackpot Machine

    Stop 139: Fisher Girl of Picardy

    Stop 140: La France Croisee

    Stop 142: The Landing of Columbus

    Stop 146: Kee-o-kuk, The Watchful Fox, Chief of the Tribe

    Stop 147: Hot Beat

    Stop 149: Bar Italia

    Stop 151: Tribute to the American Working People

    Stop 152: Cliffs of the Upper Colorado River, Wyoming Territory

    Stop 153: Dowager in a Wheelchair

    Stop 154: The Voice of the Great Spirit

    Stop 155: Construction of the Dam (study for mural, the Department of the Interior, Washington, D.C.)

    Stop 158: Leuk 5

    Stop 159: Portrait of Frances C. Houston

    Stop 161: Amelia Earhart

    Stop 163: Brownstone

    Stop 164: Geronimo

    Stop 165: Salome

    Stop 170: Ruins of Asrum Asia Minor: Explored with Layard (Sir Henry Layard)

    Stop 173: Autumn Sunshine

    Stop 174: Godly Susan

    Stop 176: Hudson River at Cold Spring

    Stop 177: Double Portrait of the Artist in Time

    Stop 179: Study for Mural for Appellate Court Building, New York; “Statute Law”, Helmet for Figure of “Force”

    Stop 180: After Titian

    Stop 185: Georgianna Frances Adams

    Stop 186: Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Wase

    Stop 188: State Names

    Stop 189: Hemlock Pool

    Stop 193: Marian Anderson

    Stop 194: Central Park

    Stop 196: Whaler off the Vineyard--Outward Bound

    Stop 198: Red Abstraction

    Stop 199: Mail Service in the Tropics (mural study, U.S. Post Office Department, Washington, D.C.)