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Edward Hopper

Born: Nyack, New York 1882– Died: New York, New York 1967

People in the Sun

1960, oil on canvas









John F. Peto

Born: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1854– Died: Island Heights, New Jersey 1907

Rack Picture for William Malcolm Bunn

1882, oil on canvas









Copy after Peter Paul Rubens (Born: Siegen, Westphalia, Germany 1577– Died: Antwerp, Belgium 1640)

Portrait of Rubens’ Wife

17th century, oil on canvas



Thomas J. Scott

Born: Tullytown, Pennsylvania– Died: Lexington, Kentucky 1888

Portrait of Lexington

about 1857, oil on canvas mounted on fiberboard



Abbott Handerson Thayer

Born: Boston, Massachusetts 1849– Died: Dublin, New Hampshire 1921

Portrait of a Lady (Mrs. William B. Cabot)

1900-1902, oil on canvas



Ernest L. Blumenschein

Born: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 1874–Died: Albuquerque, New Mexico 1960

Picuris Mountain (Near Taos)

about 1940, oil on canvas



Ad Reinhardt

(Born: Buffalo, New York 1913– Died: New York, New York 1967)


1937, oil on wood



J. Bond Francisco

Born: Cincinnati, Ohio 1863– Died: Los Angeles, California 1931

The Sick Child

1893, oil on canvas



Wayne Thiebaud

Born: Mesa, Arizona 1920

Jackpot Machine

1962, oil on canvas



John Vanderlyn

Born: ingston, New York 1775– Died: Kingston, New York 1852

The Landing of Columbus

about 1840, oil on canvas



Albert Pinkham Ryder

Born: New Bedford, Massachusetts 1847– Died: New York, New York 1917

Passing Song

about 1840, oil on canvas



Elizabeth Nourse

Born: Mount Healthy, Ohio 1859– Died: Paris, France 1938

Fisher Girl of Picardy

about 1840, oil on canvas



Romaine Brooks

Born: Rome, Italy 1874– Died: Nice, France 1970

La France Croisee

1914, oil on canvas



George Catlin

Born: Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania 1796– Died: Jersey City, New Jersey 1872

Kee-o-kuk, The Watchful Fox, Chief of the Tribe

1835, oil on canvas



Gene Davis

Born: Washington, District of Columbia 1920– Died: Washington, District of Columbia 1985

Hot Beat

1835, oil on canvas



Paul Cadmus

Born: New York, New York 1904– Died: Weston, Connecticut 1999

Bar Italia

1953-1955, tempera on wood



Jon Serl

Born: Olean, New York 1894– Died: Lake Elsinore, California 1993

2 Dogs—3 BANDSMEN; and camera

1953-1955, tempera on wood



Honoré Sharrer

Born: West Point, New York 1920– Died: Washington, District of Columbia

Tribute to the American Working People

2009, oil on composition board



Thomas Moran

Born: Bolton, England 1837– Died: Santa Barbara, California 1926

Cliffs of the Upper Colorado River, Wyoming Territory

1882, oil on canvas



Philip Evergood

Born: New York, New York 1901– Died: Bridgewater, Connecticut 1973

Dowager in a Wheelchair

1952, oil on fiberboard



Joseph Henry Sharp

Born: Bridgeport, Ohio 1859– Died: Pasadena, California 1953

The Voice of the Great Spirit

1952, oil on fiberboard



William Gropper

Born: New York, New York 1897– Died: Manhasset, New York 1977

Construction of the Dam (study for mural, the Department of the Interior, Washington, D.C.)

1938, oil on canvas



Laszlo Moholy-Nagy

Born: Bacsbarsod, Hungary 1895– Died: Chicago, Illinois 1946

Leuk 5

1938, oil and pencil on canvas



Thomas Wilmer Dewing

Born: Boston, Massachusetts 1851– Died: New York, New York 1938

Portrait of Frances C. Houston

1938, oil and pencil on canvas



Alexandrina Robertson Harris

Born: Aberdeen, Scotland 1886– Died: New York, New York 1978

Amelia Earhart

about 1935, watercolor on ivory



Harvey Dinnerstein

Born: New York, New York 1928


1958-1960, oil on canvas



Elbridge Ayer Burbank

Born: Harvard, Illinois 1858– Died: San Francisco, California 1949


about 1900, oil on canvas



Henry Ossawa Tanner

Born: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 1859– Died: Paris, France 1937


1899,oil on board



Miner Kilbourne Kellogg

Born: Manlius Square, New York 1814– Died: Toledo, Ohio 1889

Ruins of Asrum Asia Minor: Explored with Layard (Sir Henry Layard)

about 1845, oil on paperboard



George Cochran Lambdin

Born: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 1830– Died: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1896

Autumn Sunshine

1880, oil on canvas



Roger Medearis

Born: Fayette, Missouri 1920– Died: San Marino, California 2001

Godly Susan

1941, egg tempera on board



Johann Hermann Carmiencke

Born: Hamburg, Germany 1810– Died: Brooklyn, New York 1867

Hudson River at Cold Spring

1861, oil on canvas



Helen Lundeberg

Born: Chicago, Illinois 1908– Died: Los Angeles, California 1999

Double Portrait of the Artist in Time

1861, oil on canvas



Kenyon Cox

Born: Warren, Ohio 1856– Died: New York, New York 1919

Study for Mural for Appellate Court Building, New York; “Statute Law”, Helmet for Figure of “Force”

about 1899, oil on canvas



Ben Shahn

Born: Kovno, Lithuania 1898– Died: New York, New York 1969

After Titian

1959, tempera on fiberboard



Asher B. Durand

Born: Jefferson Village, New Jersey 1796 Died: Maplewood, New Jersey 1886

Georgianna Frances Adams

1886, oil on canvas



George Bellows

Born: Columbus, Ohio 1882– Died: New York, New York 1925

Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Wase

1924, oil on canvas



Jaune Quick-To-See Smith

Born: St. Ignatius, Montana 1940

State Names

2000, oil, collage and mixed media on canvas



John Henry Twachtman

Born: Cincinnati, Ohio 1853– Died: Gloucester, Massachusetts

Hemlock Pool

1902, oil on canvas



William H. Johnson

Born: Florence, South Carolina 1901– Died: Central Islip, New York 1970

Marian Anderson

1901, oil on paperboard



Howard Cook

Born: Springfield, Massachusetts 1901– Died: Santa Fe, New Mexico 1980

Central Park

1901, wood engraving on paper



William Bradford

Born: Fairhaven, Massachusetts 1823– Died: New York, New York

Whaler off the Vineyard--Outward Bound

1892, oil on fiberboard



Alma Thomas

Born: Columbus, Georgia 1891– Died: Washington, District of Columbia 1978

Red Abstraction

1959, oil on canvas



Rockwell Kent

Born: Tarrytown Heights, New York 1882– Died: Plattsburgh, New York 1971

Mail Service in the Tropics (mural study, U.S. Post Office Department, Washington, D.C.)

about 1935-1936, pencil and oil on plywood