Bronze Vessel

Media - 1975.151A-B - SAAM-1975.151A-B_1 - 57620
Copied Doug Hendrickson, Lee Ferber, Matrix Pottery, Peola Craftsmen, Bronze Vessel, 1975/original design 1974, bronze and Brazilian rosewood, Smithsonian American Art Museum, Museum purchase, 1975.151A-B

Artwork Details

Bronze Vessel
Matrix Pottery
Peola Craftsmen
1975/original design 1974
15 785 34 in. (40.314.5 cm) diam.
Credit Line
Museum purchase
Mediums Description
bronze and Brazilian rosewood
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Artwork Description

Doug Hendrickson and Lee Ferber created Bronze Vessel while they were working together at Drake University. Ferber threw a simple vessel on the potter's wheel, from which Hendrickson created a wax model. The wax model was then altered to create an entirely new shape, which was cast in bronze. The archaic design and uneven patina of this piece evoke an ancient ceramic vessel.