Georges Clemenceau

Media - 1923.6.5 - SAAM-1923.6.5_1 - 274
Copied Cecilia Beaux, Georges Clemenceau, 1920, oil on canvas, 46 7836 34 in. (119.293.3 cm), Smithsonian American Art Museum, Gift of the National Art Committee, 1923.6.5
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Georges Clemenceau
46 7836 34 in. (119.293.3 cm)
signed lower left in oil: Cecilia Beaux lower right in oil: (copyright)
Credit Line
Gift of the National Art Committee
Mediums Description
oil on canvas
  • Portrait
  • Occupation — political — statesman
  • Portrait male — Clemenceau, Georges
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Artwork Description

The United States War Portraits Commission hired Cecilia Beaux to paint this portrait of Georges Clemenceau, the premier of France who signed the World War I peace treaty at Versailles in 1919. Clemenceau hated having his portrait made, so Beaux prepared her composition from photographs and sketches while she waited for his return from a trip to the Middle East. She wrote: "Now I am after the most illusive and 'orneriest' of them all, and dear knows when I shall catch him . . ." Beaux finally went to his house for one sitting and from an oil sketch created this portrait of the statesman, standing in his study behind a desk with books and papers.