Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread

Media - 1990.97.3 - SAAM-1990.97.3_1 - 54765
Copied Alexander Bogardy, Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread, ca. 1955-1970, oil on paperboard, 2030 in. (50.976.3 cm.), Smithsonian American Art Museum, Gift of the artist, 1990.97.3

Artwork Details

Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread
ca. 1955-1970
2030 in. (50.976.3 cm.)
Credit Line
Gift of the artist
Mediums Description
oil on paperboard
  • Religion — New Testament — Christ
  • Religion — New Testament — Mary
  • Religion — New Testament — Holy Spirit
  • Landscape — celestial — planet
  • Religion — New Testament — Holy Trinity
  • Religion — angel
  • Religion — God
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Artwork Description

Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread shows Jesus, God, and a white dove next to a map of the world, surrounded by the heads of many angels. Part of an inscription on the back of the painting reads: ". . . Jesus is about to embrace the world but not wholeheartedly as the tears rolling down Jesus['s] cheeks indicate the disturbance throughout the world . . ." The dove symbolizes the Holy Spirit, which God is releasing to "strengthen the weak and seekers of Mercy." Alexander Bogardy was a devout Catholic, and this image expresses his concerns with all the problems in the world. His message is not entirely serious, however, because he painted perfectly coiffed hairstyles on each of the floating angels!