Maple Vessel

Media - 1995.61 - SAAM-1995.61_1 - 12637
Copied Phil Brown, Maple Vessel, 1995, turned, sanded, and varnished maple, 7 1417 18 in. (18.543.5 cm) diam., Smithsonian American Art Museum, Museum purchase through the Renwick Acquisitions Fund, 1995.61

Artwork Details

Maple Vessel
7 1417 18 in. (18.543.5 cm) diam.
Credit Line
Museum purchase through the Renwick Acquisitions Fund
Mediums Description
turned, sanded, and varnished maple
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Artwork Description

Phil Brown typically gives his flared bowls a narrow base to enhance the feeling of lightness and delicacy, as seen in Maple Vessel. To create his pieces, he roughly cuts the shape from a tree trunk or branch. After the wood dries out, he applies a layer of epoxy paint to harden weaker areas and to treat parts of the wood that might contain fungus. Brown then uses a lathe to cut away at the form until it reaches the desired thinness and shape, finishing the piece with varying grades of sandpaper to create a very smooth surface. Brown remembers where and when he found every piece of wood that he turns into a vessel, and notes the wood's source location on the bottom of each of his pieces.