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Copied Judith Scott, Untitled, 1994, mixed media and string, Smithsonian American Art Museum, The Margaret Z. Robson Collection, Gift of John E. and Douglas O. Robson, 2016.38.67, © 2005, Creative Growth

Artwork Details

65 18 × 14 78 × 9 14 in. (165.4 × 37.8 × 23.5 cm)
© 2005, Creative Growth
Credit Line
The Margaret Z. Robson Collection, Gift of John E. and Douglas O. Robson
Mediums Description
mixed media and string
  • Object — art object — sculpture
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Artwork Description

At the heart of Judith Scott’s sculptures are found objects from the everyday world, nestled and enshrouded within colored fibers—yarn, string, ribbon—which are not simply woven or wrapped to form the object’s exterior, but are intricately webbed and bound in what became the artist’s signature style. While Scott’s intentions and meanings were known only to her, the artworks she made silently but steadfastly telegraph messages about what is visible on the surface and what remains hidden within, and the notion that the depths of one soul can never be fully known to another.
(We Are Made of Stories: Self-Taught Artists in the Robson Family Collection, 2022)


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Subversive, Skilled, Sublime: Fiber Art by Women
May 31, 2024January 5, 2025
The artists in Subversive, Skilled, Sublime: Fiber Art by Women mastered and subverted the everyday materials of cotton, felt, and wool to create deeply personal artworks. This exhibition presents an alternative history of twentieth-century American art by showcasing the work of artists such as Emma Amos, Sheila Hicks, and Faith Ringgold, who, stitch by stitch, utilized fiber materials to express their personal stories and create resonant and intricate artworks.