Luce Unplugged Mixtape | Luce Center Audio Tour

Enjoy a sampling of Luce Unplugged concerts on the museum’s audio tour. Luce Unplugged is a monthly series that pairs live musical performances by D.C.-area musicians with artworks in the museum’s collection. Each concert features an “opening act,” a staff-led talk on an artwork selected by the performer.

    Stop 800: "Training Wheels"

    Stop 801: "Misty Eyes"

    Stop 802: "Mississippi John Hurt"

    Stop 803: "Winners Cry"

    Stop 804: "Echo"

    Stop 805: "Pow Wow"

    Stop 806: "To the Grave (For Luce)"

    Stop 807: "One in Seven"

    Stop 808: "A Litany for Mrs. T"

    Stop 809: "Demons on Your Sleeve"

    Stop 810: "Lemon Tree"

    Stop 811: "Hard Labour"

    Stop 812: "Lone Traveller"

    Stop 813: "If You Want Me To Stay (For a While)"

    Stop 814: "Balloon Ride Ending in a Swim"

    Stop 815: "Give & Take (Album Version)"

    Stop 816: "Intrigue"

    Stop 817: "I Like Bad Music"

    Stop 818: "Mary Of The Wild Moor"

    Stop 820: "The Wilder"