Sculpture Stops | Luce Center Audio Tour

Professionally-narrated audio tour stops about sculpture, in the Luce Foundation Center of the Smithsonian American Art Museum.

    Stop 102: Eve Tempted

    Stop 114: Jack

    Stop 115: Old Arrow Maker

    Stop 116: Manuscript

    Stop 124: Homage to Audrey McMahon (Goddess of Fertility)

    Stop 132: Rip Van Winkle

    Stop 145: Table Object

    Stop 148: The Council of War

    Stop 156: Europa and Calf

    Stop 157: James Gibson Powers

    Stop 162: Movie Palace

    Stop 166: Henry F. Schricker

    Stop 168: Benjamin Franklin

    Stop 171: Donkey

    Stop 172: Los Reyes Magos

    Stop 175: Katharine Cornell

    Stop 181: Innocence (Figure of Girl - Dahlov)

    Stop 183: Maquette for Tilted Arc

    Stop 184: Man Controlling Trade (Model, Federal Trade Commission Building)

    Stop 191: Joseph Henry

    Stop 192: River House

    Stop 195: An American Puzzle