Professionally-narrated Sculpture Stops | Luce Center Audio Tour

Hiram Powers

Born: Woodstock, Vermont 1805– Died: Florence, Italy 1873

Eve Tempted

modeled 1839-1842, carved 1873-1877, marble



Paul Feeley

Born: Des Moines, Iowa 1910– Died: New York, New York 1966


1966, formed and gilded fiberglass on steel base



Edmonia Lewis

Born: Greenbush, New York 1844– Died: London, England 1907

Old Arrow Maker

modeled 1866, carved 1872, carved marble



Seymour Lipton

Born: New York, New York 1903– Died: Glen Cove, New York 1986


1960, iron/brazed with nickel-silver on limestone base



Eugenie Gershoy

Born: Krivoi Rog, Russia 1901– Died: United States 1986

Homage to Audrey McMahon (Goddess of Fertility)

1977, papier-mache on wire armature with cut out paper and painted with egg tempera on wood base



Frederick MacMonnies

New York, New York 1863– Died: New York, New York 1937

Rip Van Winkle

1876-1880, fired terra cotta on wood base with glass dome



Donald Judd

Born: Excelsior Springs, Missouri 1928– Died: New York, New York 1994

Table Object

1967, aluminum



John Rogers

Born: Salem, Massachusetts 1829– Died: New Canaan, Connecticut 1904

The Council of War

modeled about 1873, painted plaster



David Smith

Born: Decatur, Indiana 1906– Died: Albany, New York 1965

Europa and Calf

1956-1957, bronze/poured and hammered on stone base



Hiram Powers

Born: Decatur, Indiana 1906– Died: Albany, New York 1965

James Gibson Powers

modeled about 1838, plaster



David Beck

Born: Muncie, Indiana 1953

Movie Palace

1990, mixed media construction



Anthony de Francisci

Born: Palermo, Italy 1887– Died: New York, New York 1964

Henry F. Schricker

1939, metal: brass/electotype



William Couper

Born: Norfolk, Virginia 1853– Died: Easton, Maryland 1942

Benjamin Franklin

about 1906, marble



John B. Flannagan

Born: argo, North Dakota 1895– Died: New York, New York 1942


about 1930-1931, granite



Caban group

Los Reyes Magos

about 1875-1900, carved and painted wood with metal and string



Malvina Hoffman

Born: New York, New York 1885– Died: New York, New York 1966 

Katharine Cornell

1961, bronze on plastic covered wood base



William Zorach

Born: Eurburg, Lithuania 1889– Died: Bath, Maine 1966

Innocence (Figure of Girl - Dahlov)

1928, cast and patinated plaster



Richard Serra

Born: San Francisco, California 1939

Maquette for Tilted Arc

1980, bent and incised steel



Michael Lantz

Born: New Rochelle, New York 1908– Died: New London, Connecticut 1988 

Man Controlling Trade (Model, Federal Trade Commission Building)

1937, cast 1939, plaster



Herbert Adams

(Born: Concord, Vermont 1858– Died: New York, New York 1945) 

Joseph Henry

about 1911, painted plaster



William Christenberry

Born: Tuscaloosa, Alabama 1936

River House

1980, wood, construction board, paperboard, metal, and dirt



Lloyd G. Schermer

Born: St. Louis, Missouri 1927 

An American Puzzle

2006, wood type mounted on wood